So, you finally found the man of your dreams. He’s attentive. He calls to see how you are and spends a lot of time with you.  But is he in love with you for real? I get this question daily in my spiritual practice as a psychic reader. A girl doesn’t have to get a psychic reading to find out if her man is in love with her. Here are a few practical signs that will reveal without a shadow of a doubt that he is in love with you. 

  1. Does he talk about the future with you in it? If your man is talking about living together or marriage or children you may have together, then it’s the first sign he is in love with you. Men can be pretty honest about their feelings. Even silence speaks volumes. Because if he’s not making any plans with you at all, then he may not be into you.
  2. Has he introduced you to his friends? A man who is in love with a woman wants her to be a part of his life. This includes his friends. When he shows you off to his friends and you become a “unit” together at every event, then he’s probably in love with you. If he is constantly trying to spend “alone” time, all the time, or he avoids being around you when his friends are around, then he is probably not that into you.
  3. Have you met his mom? A man who is in love with you will most likely want to take you around to his family and particularly his mother. If he’s already talking to you about his mother and dreaming of the two of you meeting, then chances are he is in love with you. There are some exceptions. Some men may introduce you to family, but then change their minds. However, if he is including you in all family events, outings or dinners then you can rest assured he’s into you big time.
  4. Is he making room for you in his life? If he is spending every spare moment, he can either talking to you or visiting you, then most likely he is in love with you. Other priorities take a back seat because you are the most important thing in his life. He may want to spend less time at the gym or watching television or being with buddies to spend more time with you.
  5. Does he do the dirty work? If he is taking out the garbage, cooking dinner and being overall protective and helpful, or if he kills the spiders in the bathroom for you, then chances are he is in love with you.
  6. Does he soften up when he is around you? A man in love is usually open to trying new things with you. If he agrees to take the long walks on the beach, or wants to watch a foreign film, or just wants to paint your toenails, or wash your hair, chances are he is in love with you.  
  7. Does he keep his eyes on you and you alone? You may be out in a public place where there are many beautiful women, but he doesn’t seem to notice anyone but you. He doesn’t care to look because he just wants to fill his eyes only with you, then chances are he is in love with you.
  8. Does he ask questions about you, your life, your day? If he is interested in, you then he’ll show it in a variety of ways. He’ll ask you about your life, your family, your friends, your interests and your goals. He’ll listen intently and provide a shoulder if needed or a pat on the back if required.
  9. Does he bring you gifts or tokens? If your guy is bringing you a little token or a gift, he saw in a window that he thought you might like, then chances are he is in love with you. It means he is thinking of you all the time and brings you something that reminds him of you.
  10. How does he kiss you? A man in love will kiss you with fervent passion, with deepness and then look at you with soft eyes and a smile. Sometimes a woman can tell a man is in love just by the kiss, because the kiss lingers as if he wants to take your breath away, just like you took his breath away when he met you.

Article by Ask Cristina